Georgia Watson and the 99 Percent Campaign

Coming October 14, 2025.

by Sara F. Shacter
Regal House Publishing

After years of moving from town to town, Georgia’s family has settled in Chicago. Georgia’s favorite part of her new hometown? Fellow science fan Izzy! Izzy shares Georgia’s passion for questions, exploring, and what ifs. Georgia can’t wait to start 5th grade with her first true friend ever.

When the girls’ class begins a heredity unit, Georgia searches for a genetics project she and Izzy can do together. On the computer, Georgia tries researching dominant/recessive traits, then pairing up pictures of her classmates and mixing their facial features to see what their kids would look like. For fun, she pairs Izzy with her crush. But Georgia’s printouts are intercepted. Izzy, humiliated by having her secret crush revealed, stops talking to Georgia. Izzy’s former friend Nicole – who can’t stand Georgia – swoops in to make the rift permanent.

Feeling left out and alone, Georgia is surprised when her teacher states that, genetically, all human beings are more than 99% the same. Really? She and Nicole aren’t even .009% the same! But as she fights to win Izzy back, Georgia discovers that Nicole also harbors feelings of loneliness – and Georgia is stunned to discover those feelings are her own fault.

It will take a 99% campaign to set things right.