I believe the two most important components of a school visit are humor and active participation. I will have your students laughing and chomping at the bit to create their own stories.

For ten years, I had the pleasure of teaching high school English. I have also spent several years volunteering in Chicago public elementary schools. As a result, I know the many responsibilities facing a classroom teacher. My school programs are meant to inspire students and to help them refine specific writing skills.

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Flexibility is my middle name. (Well, not really, but it could be!) I know that each student - and each group of students - is unique. Hence, I would like to discuss your needs so that I can tailor my presentations accordingly. Here is a selection of programs I can offer:

An Author’s Adventures:

With the help of a female Civil War soldier and a heroic rat, students discover that writing both fiction and nonfiction means uncovering wild and wonderful facts about the world.
Students also learn that my writing process is not so different from their own, and that even professionals make mistakes.


Create a Monster or a Fireman
or an Aardvark or… :

Inspiring props, humorous activities, and fellow classmates enable each student to develop a main character to star in a work of fiction.

Be a Reporter -- Explore the World:

Students are put on the trail of a hot story. Topics can include creating catchy headlines, writing to a word count, meeting deadlines, honing research skills, perfecting interview techniques, or pitching a story to different audiences.

“6+1 Traits” Writing Workshop:

Are your students ready to write engaging autobiographies?  Compelling persuasive essays?  I am happy to craft a writing experience tailored to your specific curriculum goals.


Because my presentation will be tailored to your group’s needs, please e-mail me for details.

(Are you outside of Illinois?  If so, go to to find an author near you.)

I am also happy to Skype a visit.