I enjoy speaking to fellow writers, as well as adults who are interested in the writing profession. I want to help your group’s members reach their literary goals. Below are programs I offer, though I am happy to speak on other topics as well.

Writing for Children:

We all remember seminal moments from our early years: trying to suck Jell-O through a straw...being told by your best friend that you’re now her second-best friend. Why not turn the spark of an idea into a polished piece of prose?

Topics for this presentation include writing resources, genres of children's literature, market research, and submission guidelines.

Working with a Partner -- the Creative Process:

A picture book is a marriage of text and art; each complements the other, and neither can stand alone. Many people do not realize how tightly these two elements are bound together. By telling the story of how Heading to the Wedding was published, I explore subjects such as idea generation, revision, and collaboration with an illustrator.

Writing Children's Nonfiction:

Kids LOVE good nonfiction, and nonfiction markets tend to be more open to new writers than fiction markets. Having both edited and written nonfiction, I can speak from both sides of the desk. Topics for this presentation include how to craft an article for a particular magazine, how to document research, and how to conduct effective interviews. You'll also be amazed by what one can learn while writing nonfiction. (Did you know that rats are being trained as key members of search and rescue teams?)


Because my presentation will be tailored to your group’s needs, please e-mail me for details.